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The undergraduate courses are the basics at all university. Depending on the number of courses taken it takes from three to five years to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The course numbers range from one to 599 with some exceptions. The degree of difficulty increases with the course numbers. Numbers 500 and above may be taken with permission of the professor and the faculty advisor. There is a large variety of courses offered, check with a SSU campus or send an email to admin for more information on what is available in your area.

1st year / Freshman:           course numbers up to 199
2nd year / Sophomore:       course numbers up to 299
3rd year / Junior:                course numbers up to 399
4th year / Senior:                course numbers up to 599

Graduate School

The courses offered in the graduate school are more advanced and more difficult than the courses in the undergraduate school. The course numbers are 500 and above. There are exemptions with permission of the faculty advisor and the professor of the course.

Course Detail

  • New courses are being added all the time and individually designed courses (Independent Study- IS) can be created to fit the needs of each student. Suggestions for new courses are always entertained.
  • All bachelor degrees at Superior State University require at least 200 academic credits to graduate (a regular four-year degree using any credit system).
  • Most courses are worth between one (1) and five (5) academic credits. Most courses however are worth five (5) academic credits; therefore, in general about 40 courses are needed for graduation in the undergraduate school.
  • At least an accumulative average of a 2.0 grade point average is necessary for graduation. (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1) Add the total “high points” and divide by the number of courses (4 A’s and 6 B’s) i.e. 34 high points: Divided by 10 (courses) gives a 3.4 grade points average or GPA.
  • Courses from other institutions, which are transferred to Superior State University for academic credit, are classified or graded as Pass/Fail only.
  • For graduate school courses (Master’s and Ph.D.) please check our graduate school catalogue or contact our representatives in your country. Most undergraduate courses/majors can be continued in our graduate school. One hundred credits are required for each graduate school degree. Other requirements such as dissertations or projects are often necessary for a graduate degree.