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Credit System

Credit System

Courses are assigned credits corresponding to the difficulty and the time spent doing a course. Most courses at Superior State University are given five credits. Each school or university has there own credit award system. Some are similar and some are not but whatever system used: a bachelor’s or other degree should be equivalent in time and difficulty in all quality institutions.

A prerequisite is a course or a body of knowledge that is required before a student can take the next level. For example, a student cannot take an advanced finance course until he or she has taken the basic courses. This helps to insure that students can handle the material in the class registered. Superior State University administration will help to assure that students register for only those courses the student needs and is qualified to take.

Undergraduate School

Most undergraduate degrees (B.A., B.B.A. and B.S.) at Superior State University require 200 credits to graduate. Credits may be given for past courses taken at other institutions or even work experience in the field, which the student is applying. It takes a full-time student about four years to complete most bachelor degrees. See your counselor to stay on the right track.
At the undergraduate level there are also these levels:
Certificate = equivalent to 50 credits
Diploma = 100 credits
Advanced Diploma = 150 credits

Graduate School

Graduate school is the next step up from the four-year undergraduate school. Masters degrees (M.A., M.B.A. and M.S.) usually require 100 graduate school credits. A full-time student usually takes about two years to complete this degree. A part-time student will double or more the time needed to graduate.

Doctor of Philosophy

The next level in the graduated school is the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) or the Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), which requires an additional 100 graduate school credits. Both of these graduate degrees may require additional work/assignments at the conclusion of their course work, such as a dissertation or maybe an internship or both. Beyond this, there is a Post Doctorial Certificates (P.D.C.), which is given for very specialized research projects