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Grade Point Average
GPA stands for Grade Point Average and is a means of measuring your academic performance for course or body of work completed.
The following steps and example illustrate how to calculate your GPA manually.
Step 1

Multiply the number of credit hours for each class by the number of grade points earned for the grade you receive (For a 3-credit class in which you earn an A, for example, give yourself 12 points).

A = 4.0   B+ = 3.3   C+ = 2.3   D+ = 1.3   F = 0
A- = 3.7   B = 3.0   C = 2.0   D = 1.0        
        B- = 2.7   C- = 1.7   D- = 0.7        

Note: All instructors have the discretion to decide whether they will use plus or minus grades but most use the plus/minus system to give the student more insight into their study habits.

Step 2
Add the total quality pointsfor each class together.


Step 3
Divide the total number of quality points earned by the total number of GPA hours (total number of credit hours passed that were graded A-F plus quality of the number of credit hours failed, whether A-F or P/F).