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Independent Study

Independent Study
Independent Degree Programs
Students can create an individualized undergraduate degree program to meet your interests, educational and career goals. Superior State University strives to fit our programs around the student’s busy lives. Based in one of major fields of study, your degree program can be as creative or traditional as needed. See one of our administration offices to see what the options for graduate studies are.


Flexible Study Options
With our flexible study options, you’ll pursue a rigorous academic program while maintaining your work, family and other commitments. Superior State University offers many innovative ways to learn, including guided independent study, small group seminars, online courses, internships and the opportunity to take courses at other colleges. If you  study thru one of our world wide campuses, you may work face-to-face with a faculty mentor or advisor to design your degree program and your studies. Our locations regularly offer independent studies and small seminars called study groups. You also have access to other ways to study including online courses and residency-based studies. You have access to local orientations and student services onsite, in addition to many of the online resources. You can start your studies thruout the year.
If you study thru our Center for Distance Learning, one the largest online education provider, you can work entirely online with a faculty mentor to design your degree program, select your courses, get oriented and use all of your student services. You also have access to the other methods of study and may include independent study, study group and periodic residency-based studies. You can start your studies anytime. Ordering textbooks and registering for courses can be done on the World Wide Web.The college also offers a variety of special programs and has partnerships with a number of organizations.


Superior State University is unique in the personal attention and service that its faculty provides to students. You may work directly with a faculty member or a mentor, who will help you thru every step of creating your degree program. Our mentors respect the skills and knowledge that our students bring with them and believe that they have the dedication and determination to work independently. After all, this is adult education.


Credit for Prior Learning
Whether you’ve attended other colleges, built a career or simply pursued personal interests, odds are you’ve spent much of your life learning. Superior State University recognizes the value of this knowledge. If your knowledge from life experience is relevant to your degree program, you may be awarded credits based on prior transcripts and evaluated college-level learning.


Other Student Services
Superior State University provides a wide range of student services, both online and thru our regional locations and programs. At , you can apply to the college, apply for financial aid, and track your status. As a student, you can check your financial and academic records thru the SSU web page. At each regional location, student service professionals are very knowledgeable about the college and available to assist you as you progress with your education.