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Tuition Fees

Tuition & Fees
Superior State University is a non-profit educational institution, therefore, all tuition and fees are kept at a minimum but the quality is never left behind.


We are constantly looking for ways to keep our fees competitive for the average working individual. After all, promoting education is our number one goal. We feel everyone deserves a top-notch education regardless of his or her financial status. We have programs in many countries all over the world and expenses can vary due to the cost of running various programs in that region.


Please contact our representatives for details but rest assured we will do our very best to help you receive the degree you need in order to be successful.


Please contact our representatives for details but rest assured we will do our very best to help you receive the degree you need in order to be successful.


Scholarships: There are many scholarships available from a variety of sources. For example, the United Nations has been very generous. Other money has come from the IMF, The World Bank, other corporate sponsors such as Sony Corporation, Citibank and many others.


SSU encourages everyone in need to apply for a scholarship. The regional SSU office will help with the application process.


 Fees and Tuition


Individual Course
$ 550
Certificate (5 courses- about one year of study)
Diploma (10 courses- two years of study)
Advanced Diploma (15 courses- Three years of study)
Bachelor’s Degree (20 courses- A regular four degree)
Master’s Degree (A two to three year program of advanced study)
Doctorial Degree (Due to Accreditation, restrictions apply) Not available everywhere.


Double Degree (A twenty percent (20%) discount on double degrees if registered and paid for at the same time) Entrance fee, matriculation fee, enrollment fee, registration fee: These fees are not charged by the university but individual centers with permission of the university may charge to defray operating expenses.


Graduation Fee:
Each area where there are enough students there will be a formal graduation with robes and usually with a dinner and a speaker. The appropriate fee will be charged at the time. Attendance is not mandatory for graduation. All formal functions using the university name in any way must be approved beforehand by the university.
Duplicate Official Transcripts:
$ 30
Transcripts will be sent anywhere in the world by regular mail. Additional fees will be charged for express or overnight mail.
Duplicate Copy of Photo Identification:
$ 20
three photos are needed with each new request- only two may be requested without special permission

Refund Policy : A full refund will be made within thirty (30) days of the date on the registration form.
*All fees are in United States Dollars


Many of our programs are even free! “Our Business is solely Education.” We promise to assist all our students with grants, loans, scholarships or whatever it takes to get started on one’s education. In addition, convenient payment plans are also available and can be tailored to fit the needs of each student.

A quality education is within everyone’s reach regardless of financial background