About Us

Superior State University started as an NGO (Non-government Organization) to benefit the millions of people all over the world who fall thru the cracks of society’s traditional educational patterns. Due to a myriad of factors many individuals can’t or don’t want to continue their education after high school. These people should not be deprived of an education.

Education has changed dramatically over the last few decades. New thinking in education is needed now more than ever. Now only a small percentage goes to college just after high school. Money, family problems and much of life just gets in the way. Also, the type of knowledge required now is vastly different than what was needed just a generation ago. It seems tho that educational institutions have not changed to meet the challenges of our new way of doing business or even our new way of living.

Superior State University has developed the most hi-tech education system for this modern world. No more sitting in boring classrooms. Learn what you need to really succeed.

We are a not profit educational institution who selectively chooses and supports various charities around the world. These are a few of the main organizations where Superior State University puts their emphasis. Feel free to check them out and become involved. Make the world a better place to live.