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Our Faculty

Faculty President
Dr. Lee Curran, Ph. D. (Sociology and Education)

Core faculty

Superior State University has a dedicated team of highly qualified educators specially selected for their expertise in their given field of study. This group as a team makes all academic decisions concerning courses and student advancement and the like. They are commissioned to design all new academic programs and make decisions related entrance and graduation requirements.

Departments meet weekly to discuss students and details of running individual departments. The Faculty committee meet monthly to discuss situations and problems concerning the university as a whole.

Professors Emeritus

Dr. Ismail Hakki Oclay Unver, Ph. D. (Human Development)

Dr. Masaki Tan, M.D. (Medical Research)

Dr. Der-Ruenn Su, (Peace Studies and Physics)

Dr. William L.Thomas III (Law ret. , Asian Department Head )



The following faculty are the heads of departments. There are professors, instructors, adjunct professors who are full time and part time with SSU.

Dorothy June Calvo Flores Cruz, FIBA -Professor Education (Computer Science)

Dr. Clive Thomas Walker, PhD -Head Science Department, Nuclear Environmental Issues

Dr. Chiao-Liang Juliana Ching, MD, DDG, IOM, LPIBA, MOIF -Head of Medicine, Contributes to Business Studies

Prof. Dr. Thomas L. Albright -Managerial Accounting, Accounting Decision Making Lurdes Camacho, FIBA -Head of Information Technology dept., Educational Technology

Professor Clinton Ross Burnette, LFIBA, DDG, FWLA -Creative Writing, Film, Creative arts Prof.

Dr. Arthur W. Allaway -Marketing, Consumer Behavior

Professor Masataka Yoshimura, Deng -Head Engineering Dept.

Prof. Dr. Trevor Bain -Human Resource Management, Labor Relations

Dr. Myron Wyn Evans, PhD, DSc, FABI, LFIBA -Science Studies and related fields

Prof. Dr. Nancy S. Barrett -Economics, Public Policy Professor

Dr. Mircea Gheorghe Ifrim, MD, PhD, FIBA, DDG, IOM -Science Education (UNESCO representative)

Professor Xuntian He -Head Music dept. Prof. Dr. Carolyn Carroll -Corporate Finance, Investment Strategies

Dr. Yoshitsugu Miki, MD, DDG, LFIBA -Developing Countries, Cancer Research

Dr. Rong Remi Fang, PhD -Head of Physics dept.

Prof. Dr. James F. Cashman -Leadership, Organizational Behavior

Professor Liqing Yang -Music education, History of Music

Prof. Dr. Lee E. Pike -Library Science, Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Samuel N. Addy -Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Dr. Lakmal Peiris, MD, LFIBA -Head of Humanities, Social Science

Professor Antonia Camacho Okawa -Elementary Education

Dr. Dong-Keun Shin -Head Computer Science Dept. Prof.

Dr. J Lew Silver -Econometrics and Micro Economics

Prof. Dr. James Luther Taylor -Salesmanship, Natural Resource Management

Prof. Dr. Mary Fish -Head Tourism Dept, Economics of Tourism

Prof. Dr. William H. Motes -Psychology, Advertising, Branding

Dr. Stephen E. Draper, PhD, PE -Conservation and Water Engineering, Environmental Issues

Prof. Dr. George R. Franke -Advertising, Marketing and Public Policy

Prof. Dr. Patrick M. Rudolf -Real Estate, Mortgage, Retirement Plannning

Prof. Dr. Harris Schlesinger -Insurance, Insurance Theory, Economics of Uncertainty

Prof. Dr. Benton E. Gup -Banking and Financial Institutions

Dr. Ali Abbass Hussain Salleh, PhD, LFIBA -Head of Accountancy Dept.

Prof. Dr. Ronald E. Dulek -Management Communication, Business Strategy

Prof. Dr. Louis D. Marino -Mergers and acquisitions and New Venture Creation

Prof James Edward Godfrey -Comparative Religions, sociology

Prof. Dr. John S. Hill -International Business, Global Strategic Management

Prof. Dr. Larue T. Hosmer -Business Ethics

Prof. Dr. Charles G. Leathers -Financial Institutions, Stock Markets

Prof Lawrence J. Gilsdorf Jr. -University Registrar, Head of Taxation Dept.