Q : Why do I need a Superior State University degree?
A : The first reason is financial gain. In the United States alone, an individual with a bachelor’s degree can earn an extra million dollars plus over his or her working life. Add another million for a Master’s degree and more than a million dollars extra for a PhD! If that is not enough motivation, think of the prestige and higher status that a university degree will give the holder. In the competition for jobs or anything of consequence, the more education one has, the better equipped the individual will be, not only to survive but also to really be successful. In general, education shows the world that one has the courage and foresight to be prepared to triumph. Remember that if it were easy everyone would have a degree. Be an individual- be special!
Q : How much time is required to complete a Superior State University Program?
A : Of course, this depends on the individual and the time the student has to study (for example part-time or full time). It also depends on the type of program the student has chosen. Requirements can also differ widely as our students run the whole range from 16 to 69 years old, from busy company presidents to homemakers whose children are grown and gone. Education can be taken for hobby purposes or it can be so important as to permanently radically change one’s life. Therefore, it can range from a few months to many years of study. In general, we believe that education should be a life long process of learning and growing. However, all of us at Superior State University are dedicated to helping our students finish as fast as they need. We also do understand “that time is money”.
Q : When can I start?
A : For many Superior State University programs, there are no intake dates or any other special times to begin a program (rolling registration). For seminars and classroom type courses, dates and all relevant information will be announced in the newsletter, the website or sent directly to the student. In general, Superior State University follows the local school year in the country of operation. In general, the sooner one starts the sooner one can start claiming the many benefits of having a college degree.
Q : What do I receive when I successfully complete the Program?
A : First, you receive a first class college diploma suitable for framing. “Honorary degrees” are so marked. Next, you will receive a set of official transcript reflecting the knowledge gained and/or the courses taken. Be assured that you will receive follow-up service for research, job help or letters to future employers (letters of recommendation). Superior State University will also help with the further academic research of any student or graduate. For example, Superior State University has helped many graduates publish their research.
Q : How much must I pay for my education?
A : As with the time required, the actual amount of fees can vary widely. Many students take only one course in a subject that they have some interest; another may want to go all the way from a Bachelor’s degree through to a Ph.D. In addition, each country may have different fees due to overhead and other inherent expenses due to operating in that particular country. In addition, there are many scholarships and grants and other forms of financial help available. Many Superior State University programs are even free of charge.
Q : Are Superior State University degrees respected all over the world?
A : YES!Our graduates have entered many international companies and world organizations. Most other schools have had no problem in accepting Superior State University’s credits and degrees. We will help our students whenever possible to transfer credits or apply for another school.
Q : How can my school or program be recognized by Superior State University?
A : If you are conducting an educational program of any kind through any means of instruction, such as Distance Learning, classroom or even cyber education and would like us to certify or recognize your program please contact us. Superior State University can even help with marketing your program after an in-depth evaluation of your program and institution.
Q : How can my educational institution become a Superior State University external campus?
A : Just apply and wait for an evaluation. It should take from one to three months depending on the complexity and quantity of programs. There are many advantages to being a member of our team of quality academicians. For instance, you may use our programs/modules or we can help with program design and marketing of your courses.