Superior State University is now in Asia to help entrepreneur, executives and managers to conquer whatever business they choose. These courses are designed especially for Asians. Each course is created to give the maximum knowledge in each subject from Finance to Marketing, from the simple to the more complex business concepts.

Superior State University’s programs are fully accredited by the International Education Accrediting Authority (IEAA) and is affiliated with the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) and is supported and endorsed by the WHRSC of the United Nations.

All courses are completed by Distance Learning at the learner’s convenience. In this busy world, most are too busy to spend years sitting in a classroom. Students can take as long as is needed.

Courses are supported with workshops and seminars when appropriate. Full credit is given for knowledge gained at the workplace.

New Program for Asia

These courses have been designed solely for the Asian experience- with Asian examples and case studies to help the people compete in this most competitive world.

All courses are on CD’s and are most user friendly.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

  1. All the programs are fully accredited (Internationally)
  2. Keep your job and still get a great Education
  3. Distance Learning can be done in your spare time at home
  4. Start or finish any program at your convenience (No intake dates)
  5. Easy payment plan available with Scholarships and grants
  6. There are no mandatory tests or examinations (this is adult education)
  7. The latest CD’s and other advanced learning material
  8. Workshops and Seminars available depending on area by experts in their field
  9. Free job help for graduates-work anywhere in the world
  10. A free letter of recommendation for local job help
  11. Great networking for business and your future
  12. Fully supported by the United Nations
  13. Discounts on a variety of life-changing books, tapes, courses, talks, etc.
  14. SSU is a fully registered non-profit American university
  15. Free useful Newsletter, e-books and many more extras.

The two pillars of the university’s are ethics in business and protecting the environment. Let’s work together for a better world.

MONEY- There are only 1,000 United Nations scholarships available for all of Asia for 2015. They go fast so apply soon. We will help you with the procedure. The amounts very from USD 500 or even USD 1,000.