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SSU Awards

Superior State University Awards

Every educational institution has a responsibility not only to their community but to society as a whole.  Education must show the way to a better world.  All of us should aspire to a more noble life.  Leaders/universities must set the standard; be the example of how we all should live.  These awards will help us look at a higher goal in our daily lives.

If you know of anyone for the following awards, just send us the name and why you think this person or organization deserves consideration.

Entrepreneur Award
Entrepreneur Award (Developing World Award)
Every country should encourage its up and coming business people.  This is obvious for many reasons but how to do it is the key to a more successful economy.  Superior State University encourages all types of entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world.  Much is said of “thinking out of the box” but this is even more important now in this new hi-tech world we live in.  We don’t need to be geeks to have great, earth changing ideas.  Even ideas in business that are not earth shaking can do great good.  For example, the Chamber of Commerce in Katmandu made a big difference.

Humanitatran Award
Humanitarian Award
The “Peace Award” works on a larger scale; whereas this Humanitarian award is a more personal look at how we help our fellow man.  It’s been proven that people who help other people live longer and are happier in general.  We need to think more of how we can help those in need.  Helping humanity helps us and we need to recognize these few special individuals who value selfless behavior.  For example, Han wenching put bins around apartment buildings in Shanghai to collect old clothes for the many displaced migrant workers.

Peace Award
Peace Award
What in the world is more important than living in Peace?  Just look around our globe and look at the misery, death and destruction that the various conflicts have and are causing.  Without a peaceful environment, culture, the economy, or anything else of value will not move forward.  We at Superior State University would like to congratulate and thank those special individuals who sacrifice their time and energy to make our world a much better place to live.

Women's Asian Award
Women’s Asian Award
Women are more than half the population but suffer by far the most, especially in the Asian region, where religion and other cultural prejudices push females to lowest strata of society.   In almost all economic statistics women are suffering.  We all need to recognize the pain that women go thru and recognize those special people who in some way help to relieve their plight.   Nicole Kidman, the UN ambassador for women, says more than one third of women have been or are being abused.

Environmental Award
Environmental Award
This world is a finite place and everything on our planet is connected in some way.  Very few aspects to our well-being is as important as the environment.  No business and all human activity is dependent on the world around us.  The cleanliness and quantity of the earth’s water, the air, everything is related.  We are affecting the very weather we need for life.   This is fundamental to our very existence therefore SSU will award the person or organization that does the most to protect our home.