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Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Superior State University offers a wide variety of courses that the student can do at home at his/her own pace. All courses have a list of assignments and the very latest textbooks (most with a CD but a computer is not necessary for completing the courses). Each course has a time limit and some have on-line testing.

Superior State University has many external campuses around Asia and any student in good standing may use the libraries, computer laboratories and other research facilities with a valid student identification card. In addition, if needed, the Distance Learning student may use our mentor program for any academic problems the student might have. Each course is worth between one and five university credits towards a degree at Superior State University or another school of higher learning. It is important to note that the transfer of credits is solely the responsibility and prerogative of the university or employer that a student is applying.

Please note that some Distance Learning courses offered are not academic. These are either vocational (e.g. car repair, refrigeration or taxation) or “human interest” (e.g. stamp collecting, cake decorating or painting). Occasionally academic credit can be awarded for these courses. Please check our web site and other advertisements for additional courses on-line or in your area. If an individual has a special interest, please inform the university as new courses are being added all the time.

Most Distance Learning courses are designed to take about three months. For the first quarter, only two courses are permitted. After this probationary period and a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) is maintained, an additional course may be taken with the recommendation of the student’s “Mentor” and the permission of the resident faculty advisor.