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Post Doctorate

Post Doctorate Certificate

A post-doctorate certificate is also known as a post-doctoral certificate.   A post-doctorate certificate can be earned by anyone who has already earned their doctorate. Post-doctorate certificate programs provide students with opportunities to further focus and specialize their education within a unique field.  For example, a person who has received their doctorate in nursing can go on to earn a post-doctorate certificate in nursing informatics or nursing administration.  Post-doctorate certificates are available in a wide variety of fields including business, education and psychology.

Benefits of a Post-Doctorate Certificate
A post-doctorate certificate opens up even more doors to students who have taken the time and put forth the effort to earn their doctoral degree.  Only about 2% of the American population holds a doctorate and far fewer than that hold a post-doctorate certificate.  By taking the extra year or so to earn a post-doctorate certificate, you can set yourself apart in the job market even more than with a doctorate degree alone.  Post-doctorate certificates are particularly useful for setting yourself apart for jobs which require a minimum of a doctorate.

Superior State University Support
Superior State University can help students is a variety of ways.  First, in choosing the area of specialization and secondly, SSU can provide the research material to help students get started on their project.  Fees can vary widely but there are many scholarships available to make your experience as painless as possible.