We have hundreds of other testimonials on file at Superior State University. These are just a few chosen at random.

1-Wong Li-mei (Singapore-28)

For five years I was a member of the cabin crew with Singapore Airlines. After completing my degree with Superior State University I was promoted to crew chief. With a substantial pay increase. In addition, using the distance learning method made it so I could study any where any time. Very convenient on those long hauls across the Pacific.

2- Esao Hashimoto ( Japan- 42)
After college, I joined a company but over the years I did not receive any recognition for all the years of hard work. I thought more education might help me so I enrolled in SSU’s distance learning program in business. I was amazed that now all my superiors know my name. It was hard to study after all these years but it was well worth it.

3- Wayne Carlyile ( Alaska, USA- 39)

I work so far from the cities where the schools are I thought I would never improve my knowledge. I had no direction but after a friend went thru the SSU’s distance learning program and bragged about how good it was I signed up for the certificate course, now I will finish my bachelors degree in just a few months. I wish I would have started the program several years ago.

4- Chang hung-tu ( Taipei, Republic of China (ROC)- 34)

I have been struggling the last ten years jumping from job to job and never quit qualified for the work that I applied for. Last year I finished my marketing degree with SSU and now I run a team of marketers promoting Taiwan products all over the world. I will start on my masters after things slow down a little. But this education has changed my life.